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Best Security Practices

These security tips can and should be used for all software
  • Any system that requires you to log in
  • Banking, email, utility providers, social media, etc.
  • If something is very convenient, it likely isn't very secure
  • 📐 Unique, Long, Strong

    Your username & password are part of your private keys. Choose strong credentials

  • ♻ No Recycling

    Don't reuse login info. If one service is compromised, every other service using that info is compromised

  • 🔟 1 More Character Makes a Difference

    Each additional character to a password makes it exponentially harder to crack

  • 🧙‍♂️ Password Managers

    Using password managers gives you the most randomness (good) & helps you use unique, long keys

  • 🔑 Secure Backups

    No matter how well you can remember passwords, it's safest to keep written records of important logins in a secure space

  • 🏪 Convenience vs. Security

    Accessing your confidential information should only be convenient for you, not bad actors. Don't make it easy for them

  • 🤔 Don't Assume

    If you think a password is compromised, change it or make a new account. Don't wait to see

  • ⏪ You Can't Get it Back

    Just like the internet and blockchain, compromised info lives forever